Recording/mixing/producing client...

"Taylor is a pleasure to work with; his professionalism and ear for detail make for productive sessions and a beautiful end-product. I will definitely be working with him again, as he understood the sound I wanted to achieve and was able to create it for me!"

Maddie Jay - Producer and bandleader
Recording/mixing/producing client...

"Working with Taylor was refreshing and exciting, as he took the time to discuss the intent of the production while also contributing his own expertise regarding the final sound. Recording real instruments has always been a challenge I've witnessed during recording sessions. However Taylor managed to make the session quick and get the exact sounds we were going for."

Elena Goddard - Pianist, singer, 2015 Berklee commencement speaker
Opening for Vince Neil (Legendary front-man for Motley Crue)

"Taylor Marvin… 17 years old and opening for Vince Neil. I was in awe watching him. He told me he has been playing since he was 10. Only 7 years? Look out Mr. Satriani.

Taylor’s favorite quote is “Don’t play the instrument, play the music” and he does. To watch him is spine tingling. He is really one with his guitar. I am looking forward to hearing more from Taylor and have a feeling after only talking to him a little while that it will always be about the music. Too many young kids pick up an instrument only for the fame. Then they get caught up in that, forget about the actual reason for the instrument and you never hear about them again. Taylor is a lucky guy to have so many influential men (The Groove Hawgs) around him to teach him the real reason he has been given his talent. He has an amazing gift and the heart and soul to take it far."

Rockin Raven -

Blues From The Top 2010...

"The highlight (of the weekend) for me was a set Taylor (Marvin), Austin (Young) and Noah (Mast) did in a Saturday night after-fest show. They pulled out all the stops and blew me away with every trick imaginable that could be done with a string instrument. The frenzied guitar duels between Taylor and Austin had to be seen to be believed ."

Chick Cavallero - President, Colorado Blues Society

Mile High Blues Festival 2010...

"Taylor Marvin had his own band with him this time... As said before,Taylor is a killer singer/guitarist/showman. This time he showcased his songwriting as well as a very tight/well rehearsed/talented band. Their set put to shame musicians twice their age and experience."

JR Wolfe -  Denver Music Board
Holy S#&@#$*^##+>**!!!!

"I have heard Taylor's name before--but had not heard him play. There are a lot of really good teenagers playing the blues in Colorado but after watching (his) videos, in my mind he just jumped to the top of the pack.

This guitar playing wiz from Westminster has style, taste and feel way, way beyond his years. I've only seen videos so far--but they blow me away. He will be at both the Greeley Blues Jam and Blues from the Top in Winter Park in 2010--don't you dare miss him."

Jim Stick -

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I want to thank you for representing the Colorado Blues Society in Memphis at the IBCs ... with your talent and passion for your music, you will be returning to that city again in the future.

I thought your set at Pig on Beale was outstanding, and one of the most innovative I saw among all the acts we caught in Memphis... and that is saying something since I figure (we) saw 48 performances. A lotta folks with talent can lay down the SRV & Hendrix cops, it takes huge talent to venture into new areas and that's why I really liked your set. Keep it up!"

Chick Cavallero - President Colorado Blues Society

Taylor joins our esteemed Young Guitar Wonders directory...

"Besides his love for Strats and playin' the Blues, Taylor is an "A" student and currently working on making Eagle Scout, which also nominates him for some kind of Least Likely to Die from Poisoned Whiskey & Jealous Husbands AWARD.

If you pay attention (to his playing), this lad not only plays with very clean tones & signal-- but his phrasing, feel and syncopation are way mature for a 15 year old white boy.

I urge you to check ( for more about Taylor."


Fan Comments...

"I have no adequate words, I am so impressed--I could listen to this all day." -- singergina1

"Amazing! I love it! True guitarist! Hard to find any of those around!" -- PamMae1

"Nice to see someone else that don't use a bunch of tricks and crap like these young players that sweep pick and shred , just pure picking ! Awesome!" -- justrandy1969

"VERY Good !!! None of that finger race b.s., folks!" --

"Awesome, this is one teen who gets it. Tasteful licks, tone and emotion." --